Where does the cause of bad breath come from?

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Halitosis is an unpleasant breath odor that people around you smell when you speak or breathe. The origins of bad breath come from many heath reasons as follows:

Not maintaining oral hygiene

Poor oral hygiene, such as not brushing teeth thoroughly This causes an accumulation of bacteria that form on the teeth and between the teeth, tongue, or gums. When combined with food residue left in the mouth from eating, it can create foul gas that is the source of bad breath UFABET 

Eat food that has a strong smell.

Foods that contain strong-smelling ingredients such as garlic  , onions, chilies, beverages such as coffee, tea, or alcoholic beverages Causes a foul smell to come out of the mouth. and breath as well Because those substances have been absorbed into the bloodstream.

Illustration of a woman who does not notice bad breath

Haven’t eaten for a long time

Abstaining from high-calorie foods suddenly for a period of time can also cause bad breath. This is because the body lacks fat that produces substances called ketones (Ketones), which are responsible for the smell.

Salivary glands produce less saliva.

Dry mouth symptoms are caused by the salivary glands producing less saliva than normal. causing insufficient digestion Until there may be food residue remaining. When combined with bacteria inside the mouth, it can cause bad breath.


In addition to being dangerous to the health of smokers and those around them. It has caused gum and tooth disease. Smoking or using various tobacco products causes the smell of cigarettes to mix with other odors in the mouth.