How to keep calm when facing a crisis on slot online?

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How to keep calm when facing a crisis on slot online? In times of discouragement, despair, discouragement from losing in online slots games , it may be considered a crisis that all players cannot avoid. PG SLOT games are known as gambling. spoiled But if you are one of those players who are often facing a crisis of losing their hands, luck is not on their side. Even if there is a plan to play and study additional techniques regularly. But there is one thing which can overcome these limitations. and stepping on a bright path You just need to get your concentration back. which requires the following principles.

How to keep calm when facing a crisis on slot online?

– Lower the sound effect .

Sometimes our concentration can be ruined by the noise from the game sound effect or some of the game music that, although with a beautiful melody, can motivate us to gamble. But on the other hand, it might destroy the player’s concentration. So if you play slots games and lose money often. Try to reduce the waste of the game. And most importantly, the environment around you must be free from noise as well. It will help your mind to be calm and focus on the game as well.

– Inhale and exhale

 In addition to quieting down the volume, a simple technique to meditate is to focus your mind while breathing in and out. Which in Buddhism is called “anapanasati” is done by inhaling while saying “Phong Um”, inhaling and exhaling. Along with saying “collapse”, but if anyone thinks that this method is not suitable for themselves. Try closing your eyes and counting numbers in your mind from 1-10 or so on until your mind is calm. And in the meantime, if sleepy, let it go to sleep.

– If still distracted, exit the game urgently. 

In the event of a tantrum hot head from playing. Let all players remember that Don’t keep playing to avenge your loss. But should leave the game to settle first or when there is already a lot of loss from the original game Shows that the game has a difficult reward. Should find a new game to play revenge. This may be a game that gives out less prizes but is distributed frequently. It will help to recover the lost capital back. An easy way to spot them might be to use a slot scanner program or check the slot game rankings that are frequently broken from various polls. 

– Find other activities to calm the mind. 

If you’re really out of control or you’ve missed your lap. The first thing to do is as in the previous one. need to exit the game urgently and don’t play anymore. You should find other activities to do for peace of mind. Such as cleaning the house, taking a shower, and having a full meal. It will help to come up with good ideas for you. Most importantly, players should try playing PG slots at ทางเข้า UFABET for free before placing real bets. So you can see how to win prizes and catch the way of the game itself