Lionel Scaloni hinted at a chance to replace two bans in the next match.

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Argentina head coach Lionel Scaloni has hint that he will have to choose a less likely substitute. Has contributed more to the 2022 World Cup qualifiers South America next month game. Against Venezuela football club (March 24) because two regulars are banned.

Right – left full-backs Gonzalo Montel and Marcos Agunha receive yellow cards in their 1-0 win over Colombia on Tuesday. Resulting in the completion of one automatic ban quota at the end of next month.  

Which even if ‘ Blue- White ‘ is guarantee to qualify for the final round. But wants to maintain good momentum. So it’s still 100% focused with the 43 -year -old boss have a plan in mind to give the reserves some chances.  

  ” I don’t think the 2022 World Cup qualifiers’ undefeated performance has any significance. But more on the teamwork and feel of the players wearing the national team uniforms. ” ​​Lionel Scaloni said after the game in Cordoba. 

“ When it comes to the national team. It can’t be UFABET ridicule. Everyone is involve in the process. But when they are sent onto the field they have to be full. And then the players who send off in the last game take their trust from the opportunity they were give. ” 

“ About the players being ban from that ban. It is possible to run from someone who is already familiar with the atmosphere of the national team. would not go look for a shin who was not involved in the qualifying round before come in more. ” 

That means Nahuel Molina , Udinese’s right-back. Who is in this round. Or a group that is not call like Juan Foyth or Nicolas Tajafico has a chance to help the nation next month.