Eddie Howe, admits about the signing new player, During this winter market To solve the problem of player shortage.

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Eddie Howe, the English manager, admits that the  Newcastle team. Tas to face financial fair play problems when signing new players in the January market. After the team lost more than 73.4 million pounds, it may be necessary to sell players. 

Newcastle are currently experiencing a problem with player injuries. The latest player to be injure today is Cholinton, a midfielder for the Brazilian national team. Who receive a thigh muscle injury. Making Newcastle now have 9 players injure, 1 needing to have their fitness check. And 1 more being bannReport by UFABET

With this situation, Newcastle needs to strengthen their troops. To solve the problem of lack of players However, From the team’s loss As a result. They may face financial constraints,

Eddie Howe has decide to leave Bournemouth after discussions. With the club’s management over the past 24 hours, ending a legendary 25-year spell at the club. From being a player to being a team manager. Who revive the club from near bankruptcy to a team that is respect in the Premier League.

From Bournemouth’s inability to escape relegation to the Championship this season. It was the first relegation since moving up to the top flight five years ago. Howe had discussions with the club before deciding to leave the team. Which caused a great shock to football fans, players and staff of the team.

Howe returned to manage Bournemouth in 2012 and led the team to the top flight with his style of football. His total length of service to Bournemouth was 25 years. With the young manager announcing that. he would be taking a break from working in football for a while to spend time. With his family before coming back to start a new chapter of life Sent a letter to fans saying that he was proud of his past work.

Howe has sign on until the summer of 2024. After taking a break from managerial duties since his stint with the club. Bournemouth in August 2020